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We are a happy couple of three years that met while traveling in Germany. We relocated from Los Angeles to New York City, and recently purchased a vintage 72' Airstream Tradewind, 25' trailer to live out of while we explore all points connected by land. We hope to achieve minimal cost of living and in exchange have extra free time to spend together and work on our our creative projects. The end result.. 1. We will have lived in many parts of the world we wouldn't normally have visited, 2. We will have opened our doors for various experiences that normally wouldn't cross our paths, stories to tell 3. We will have developed our own companies which we plan to continue after we decide to leave full time trailer life. We hope to do good things with our extra time too.

Friday, January 12, 2007

New Years in Ashland City, Tennessee 2007

HAPPY 2007!!

Since our car is not in working order, and it wouldn't be too cool of us to take our Home Owners car out on New Years, we decided to keep in in the neighborhood. There isn't much in Ashland city. There is one Walmart 15 minutes away, and there is another Walmart about 25 minutes in the other direction. Did I mention that we live in the middle of nowheresville? And then there is the VFW hall a half mile down the road. (no sidewalks of course - so you gotta watch out for speeding pick up trucks) This place looks so perfect from the outside. My kind of place if you know my tastes.

We had heard that they had $2 dollar beers and they accepted cards. Which that's unheard of anywhere I've been. Usually a VFW requires a membership but this location justs asks that you sign in at the front door! We figures New Years would be the best time to check it out for our first time.

These are some of our new friends that helped us ring in the New Year...

Even the local Marshal came in for a midnight two step with his honey!

The Drivers provided music for the evening. They told their story of how they got their name. All of them but one used to be bus drivers for various touring acts. The other guys never was a professional driver, but he had a truck!

This next clip is of The Drivers announcing that CJ is on the phone wishing everybody a Happy New Years. CJ is a local hero fighting the war over in Iraq. The Drivers wanted to send a special shout out to CJ and his troop. Here you can hear The Drivers Perform the Star Spangled Banner. Towards the end of the clip some lady fell off her chair but i missed that unfortunately.

Here are some couples dancing. It's a rather dark clip but you can hear The Drivers pretty good in this one.

Here's me and Bill, happy as bugs in Tennessee. We LOVED the VFW Hall.
We had a real good time!Yay for 2007!

The stumble home that night may have been the most interesting of all my stumbles home.. Getting there I was mostly concerned with not getting hit by a redneck in his truck racing down our country road. It's narrow, hilly, and no sidewalk, and ditches. Not meant to be walked down. I was too happy and drunk on the walk home to worry about passing cars, and it was rather quiet. I had the shit scared out of me though cause i heard this LOUD noise. I was like, "What the fuck is that Bill?" it was a cow. and then the Cow got the horses going, and then it was total mayhem. I guess these farm animals don't see pedestrians that often walking these roads in the middle of the night. I've never really been on a farm or anything so pardon me for my lack of knowledge. While I was walking with my head down, texting "Happy New Years" to a friend in NY, I felt something soft under my sneaker. It was a GIANT dead animal. I didn't stay to figure out what kind of animal it used to be, but it i think had been there for a while. Roadkill is all over the place out where we live in Ashland City, Tennessee. Deer will jump out at you while you drive all the time. It was so gross. In any case we made it home safe and sound that night.


Blogger Malin said...

Hi Kelly and Bill!
Are you alright and is that trailer you're working on finished yet?
Just wanted to pop in to say hi, and thank you Kelly for showing us Nashville nightlife :)
Well I might see you in Sweden this summer then, right?
Take care!

9:42 AM  

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